Flushing, Netherlands


DSMS Specialised in supply of OEM marine engine parts (complying with MARPOL annex VI regulations regarding all IMO-relevant parts), with over 90 years of experience.

Combined with the in-house Forwarding department, urgent deliveries could be arranged from DSMS stock points in Flushing, Shanghai & Singapore.

The scope of supply and services of Damen Schelde Marine Services includes, but not limited to, the following:


Main Engine Types

  • Sulzer/ Wartsila (RT-Flex, RTA, RL, RND & RD)
  • MAN B&W (50MC, 50MC-C, 50ME-C, 50ME-B, 60MC, 60MC-C, 60MCE, 60ME-B, 60ME-C)


Auxiliary Engine Types

  • Daihatsu (DE18, DK20(E) & DC17(A))
  •  Yanmar (EY18, N18 & N21)
  • B&W (16/24, 23/30(H), 28/32(H) & 27/38)
  • Sulzer/ Wartsila (S20, AL, 20, 26, 32, 38 & 46)


Overhaul & Services

  • Maintenance and service works required for the installation of the overhaul packages


Turbocharges & Air Starters

  • Full scope of premium quality parts, full overhaul and reconditioning services for Turbochargers (MAN, KBB, IHI & ABB)
  •  Quality parts and services for Air Starters (TDI, Ingersoll Rand & Gali)



  • Replacement pumps for main applications such as fire-fighting, ballast and cooling
  • Wide range of alternatives manufactured by premium quality brands with class approval
  • Available stock in Flushing facilities
  •  Supply of original components for maintenance & repair, such as impellers and wear-rings, shafts and mechanical seals
  •  Iron-Pump, Hamworthy, Desmi and other brands


Engine Pneumatic/ Rexroth Hydraulics

  •  Complete scope of AVENTICS valves, cylinders and repair kits from stock (Aventics is formerly known as Wabco Westinghouse, Rexroth Pneumatics & Mecman)
  •  Repair kits required for Sulzer components with access to full documentation of the entire engine configuration, having 70 years of experience as an OEM Sulzer engine manufacturer
  •  Almost complete Wabco-Nabco and NSN Rexroth cross-reference list and MAN B&W engine types
  •  Supply of Rexroth Hydraulics, Herion Pneumatics, Hydraudyne Hydraulics/ Pneumatics & Eugen Seitz)


Reconditioning & Service

  • Piston crowns, exhaust valve spindles, cylinder covers and other reconditioned engine parts are available on exchange and/or direct sale basis
  • Cylinder heads and connecting rods can be reconditioned and re-assembled from Flushing and Shanghai
  • Fuel pumps, plungers and barrels, spindle guides and fuel nozzles can be completely reconditioned in Flushing
  • Overhaul and trouble shooting of pneumatic systems during dockings or port calls around the world can be offered including spare parts that are needed
  • Import / export and quality control performed by DSMS inhouse forwarding and quality department


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