Marseille & Le Havre, France


Services on life-saving equipment

Established in 2006, the LSA Department of MACOR can carry out a full range of services on life-saving equipment according to the SOLAS regulations IMO circ. 1206 and LSA code. Over the past 5 years, they have sent their service engineers to the various manufacturers’ premises and facilities for full training.
MACOR is able to carry out annual and five-yearly inspections issuing either the makers or MACOR service reports and certificates.
With a broad experience of inspections carried out on life-saving equipment, their skilled service engineers offer a reliable and quality service.
Macor LSA service is a recognized service provider to the most important shipowners all over the world.



Repairs & Maintenance

  • Repairs and maintenance on life-saving equipment
  • After inspection, compiling a checklist noting all defects found, if any, which will help with providing an accurate quotation for the eventual repairs


Annual & 5-Yearly Inspections

  • Annual and five-yearly inspections in accordance with the SOLAS regulations IMO circ.MSC1206 and LSA code
  • Issuing check-lists and certificates of validation


Load Tests

Static and dynamic load tests from 100 kg to 50 tons
(40 water bags of 375 kg, 1 water bag of 1 ton, 1 water bag of 2 tons, 1 water bag of 3 tons, 4 water bags of 5 tons, 2 water bags of 10 tons)


Spare Parts

Control cables, Bilge pumps, Hooks, Brake shoes, Freewheels, Centrifugal brakes, Limit switches, Sheaves, Bowsing systems, Hydraulic release pumps etc.


Hooks, Davits, Gangways, Rescue Boats, Life Boats etc.


Approved Vendors
Fassmer, Navalimpianti – Technimpianti, Harding, Hyundai, Palfinger, Global Davit GmbH, Ned-Deck, Oriental, Hatecke and others.


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