Represented in BENELUX & UK

Qingdao, China


Headquarter and main workshop in Qingdao, with branch offices & workshops in Shanghai, Nantong & Ningbo.
122 Employees, 55 Machinery, 30 Automation
Offering various services such as Afloat/Voyage Repairs, Underwater Services, Ship Design, Testing and Supply of Parts.




  • Machinery Works: E/R & Deck
  • ME Engine Overhaul Maintenance & FIVA V/V test at workshop
  • Automation
  • 3D Scanning, Design, Engineering package for BWMS & EGCS
  • Machining, Liner Honing, Reconditioning & Fabrication
  • Hydraulics, Steel structures & Piping
  • Survey for Noise & Vibration, Comfort Class, Ballast Water Sampling
  • Authorized Service Center for Makers such as;
    –  Hyundai for M/E, HIMSEN A/E, Liner Honing & Wear Ridge Removal, Automation, HI-Ballast System, AMS & PMS System
    –  J-ENG (Mitsubishi) For UE/UEC/UE-ECO & Reconditioning
    –  MET Turbo Charger
    –  Kawasaki for Bow Thruster
    –  Taiyo Electrics for GE/ ECC/ MSB/ Motor/ Fan
    –  TechCross for Sales, Service, Spares & Training Center
    –  Pure Ocean for POT SOx Scrubber
    –  Hans Jensen for Lubricators & SIP valves
    –  Rivertrace for 15ppm & ODME
    –  Schaller for Oil Mist detector
    –  KSB for ODME & Valve remote control system
    –  Emerson & Ascenz for FO Process Management
    –  Parker Kittiwake for Linerscan & Offline Test Kits Dealer
    –  Alfa Laval for Heat Exchange Unit and plate
    –  Doosan & STX for Engines



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