Represented in BENELUX & UK


Batam, Indonesia


Located nearby South of Singapore, free-trade zone, with a deep naturally sheltered waterfront, is a comprehensive newly developed yard facility with a land size of over 30 hectares.


Graving Docks

Dock 1 (340m x 60m), draft 11m
Dock 2 (230m x 35m), draft 10m
Dock 3 (180m x 25m), draft 9m


Repair Berth

Total 3,000m length, including 450m Finger pier with water depth of 6m at low tide, up to 13m



Singapore Yard

Acting as a logistics and procurement centre to provide consistent support to the Batam yard’s operation



The Group’s engineering side mainly consists of VOSTA LMG, which is a market leader in dredging technology, product development, engineering and contracting, dedicated to serving the Worldwide dredging industry. In addition to designing and building complete dredgers, VOSTA LMG is specialised in developing and manufacturing dredging components.



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