Represented in BENELUX

Talcahuano, Chile (Central)- Main Yard


A reliable shipyard in South America
Since 1895, ASMAR has offered comprehensive solutions for any type of vessel, whether in the form of scheduled or emergency repairs, in dry-dock or afloat, under standards certified by classification societies, in the most important ports of Chile, in the Eastern South Pacific.



Graving Docks

Dock 1 (245m x 33.4m)           Draught 9m
Dock 2 (175.3m x 21.3m)        Draught 6m


Floating Docks

Mery (120m x 18.59m)          Draught 5.5m
Mutilla (120m x 18.59m)       Draught 5.5m
Gutierrez (96.6m x 18m)       Draught 6 m


Repair Berth

Over 1100m with a max. draught of 7.4m


Valparaiso, Chile (Central)

Afloat repairs


Punta Arenas, Chile (South)

Marine railway & Repair pier


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