Cammel Laird










Represented in BENELUX

Birkenhead, UK


Based on the River Mersey in the Liverpool City Region on the west coast of Britain.
The company’s Birkenhead site expands across 130 acres and includes four dry docks, a large modular construction hall and extensive covered workshops.


Graving Docks

No 4 Dock (125m x 21m)       Draft 8m
No 5 Dock (289m x 42.7m)   Draft 11.5m
No 6 Dock (203m x 23.3m)   Draft 9m
No 7 Dock (251m x 25.5m)    Draft 10m












Crane Capacities

No 4 Dock: 1 x 15T
No 5 Dock: 1 x 50T & 1 x 15T
No 6 Dock: 1 x 40T & 1 x 8T
No 7 Dock: 1 x 40T & 1 x 26T


Non-Tidal Wet Basin

Gate width 43.7
Draft 9m
North quay – L 271m
West quay – L 285m
South quay – L 305m



Bidston Repair Berth (non-tidal)

Berth 1 (160 x 24m)               Draft 8m
Berth 2 (190 x 26m)              Draft 8m


Crane Capacities

Berth 1: 1 x 15T (Mobile crane by arrangements)


Inchgreen, UK

Drydock (305m x 45m)
Repair quay 390m, Draft 7.5m
Dockside cranes


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