Oman Drydock Company








Represented in BENELUX

Duqm, Oman 


ODC yard stretches over 1,277,000 square meters of land and 1,139,000 square meters of sea surface with 2,800m of quayside berthage for alongside repairs.


Graving Docks

Drydock No. 1 (410m x 95m)          Draught 14.5m
Drydock No. 2 (410m x 80m)          Draught 14.5m


Repair Berths

Quay No. 1 (800m)
Quay No. 3 & 4 (350m & 450m)
Quay No. 5 (745m)


Crane capacities

Drydock No. 1- 2 sets x 40T, 1 set x 100T (74m radius)
Drydock No. 2- 2 set x 40T, 1 set x 800T (74m radius)
Quay No. 1- 3 sets x 40T (74m radius)
Quay No. 2- 1 set x 40T (74m radius)
Quay No. 3 & 4- 2 sets x 40T (74m radius)
Quay No. 5- 2 sets x 40T (74m radius)



Pipe & Outfitting
Electric shop
Machinery shop
Hull shop
Blasting & Painting shops
Cryogenic shop



Treatment of slop & sludge inside the yard
2 plants with 5,000 mcapacity each
10,000 cubic meter storage capacity
Equipped to discharge treated waste water at the rate of 30 cubic meter per hour (Up to ULCC size)


Accommodation Options

Duqm Frontier Town with fully furnished villas
Crowne Plaza Beach
Park Inn
City Hotel


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