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Flushing, Netherlands


Over the years, Shipyard Reimerswaal has been committed to providing adequate and cost efficient maintenance and repairs for a wide variety of ships such as fishing ships, dredgers, inland navigation vessels, tugs, coasters.
Located near the busy West Scheldt River, the yard is your service station enroute ports of Flushing, Terneuzen, Gent, Rotterdam and Antwerp.


Floating Docks

Floating Dock 1 (Hansweert)

  • 110m x 16.5m
  • TLC 2,300t


Floating Dock 2 (Vlissingen)

  • 120m x 22.1m
  • TLC 60,000t










Shore Cranes

  • Reach 20m: 1 x 20t
  • Reach 60m: 1 x 6t


Lay-by Berth

Vessels could be moored alongside the docks for repairs and maintenance


Repair Berth

  • Length 350m
  • Draft 9.5m
  • Non-gasfree permit



  • Well-equipped shipbuilding workshop- Fit for all jobs such as section building, hatch cover repairs, pipe-fitting and all kinds of construction jobs
  • Machine shop- For jobs on propeller-shafts
  • Modern Electrical workshop- For all electrical jobs
  • General workshop- For all possible engine jobs


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