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Durban, South Africa


Southern African Shipyards is located in Durban in the Bayhead area, close to the Salisbury Island Naval base. It is a shipyard which was purpose built for the envisioned naval building programme.

Although a relatively newcomer to the ship repair fraternity, it did not take long before the Ship Repair Division of Southern African Shipyards established itself as one of the major role players in the port of Durban. The strength of the division can undoubtedly be attributed to the qualifications and experience of its senior managers and associated with this a well trained and stable workforce. The division also enjoys the services, support and back up of the company’s renowned Ship Building Division.




Graving Dock

Prince Edward (352m x 33.5m)
Depth at entrance 11m

The Prince Edward Graving Dock can be divided into two compartments of 206,9m and 138,68m.
The graving dock can be emptied in four hours. Five electric cranes service this dock with capacities ranging from 1 x 50t with a 10t attached, 1 x 24t, 1 x 15t, 1 x 10t, 2 x 8t.


Floating Dock

SAS (50m x 30m)
Lifting Capacity 5000 tons
Cranes 2 x 12 to


Dock Blocks

Southern African Shipyards has its own specially constructed dock blocks 2700 mm in height to accommodate the withdrawal of Azimuth Units


Repair Berth

Repair quay length of 200M with an average draft of 7,5M
Lay down area to accommodate hatch covers
Services provided at repair quay include 380volt shore power, fresh water and compressed air



Undercover fabrication workshops which cover an area of 320m x 46m serviced by 9 x overhead cranes including 2 x 30 ton gantry cranes capable of 60 ton tandem lift.
Fully equipped pipe fabrication shop, mechanical shop and interior outfit shop.
Stores with dedicated customs bonded holding area
Undercover paint shop for minor fabrications


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