Represented in BENELUX


Yalova, Turkey


Tersan Shipyard Inc. belongs to Tersan Group of Companies, providing services in four maritime sectors;

  1. New ship building
  2. Ship repair, docking & conversion
  3. Ship owning & operation
  4. Ship agency services


Relatively young group’s, especially the ship building division, has become one of the leading players in Turkey, as well as in Europe. Tersan’s sustained success that is achieved by its experienced human resources, modern facilities, customer support and reliability guided the company to gain unique and challenging big orders.


Floating Docks

Dock No 1, Tuzla (130m x 22,50m) Draft 7m– 6.500 TLC
– 2 x 5T Cranes
Dock No 2, Yalova (180m x 29m) Draft 7m– 9.000 TLC
– 2 x 10T Cranes
Dock No 3, Yalova (284m x 51m) Draft 7m – 50.000 TLC
– 2 x 20T Cranes


Repair Berth

Up to 1500m of repair berths with 18m depth.
– 2 x 275T, 2 x 40T, 2 x 10T Cranes




2000m² closed workshops dedicated to mechanical works with a wide range of machinery to handle Mechanical Repairs of Engines, Tail shaft, Propellers, Pumps, Heaters, Boilers, CCP/FPP types, Azimuth types propulsion system overhauling, PV valve-safety valve overhauling, Ultrasonic and Chemical Cleaning, Stress relief Formula 62, etc. Approved procedure from DNVGL for performing Propeller Repairs.



10 x Lathe (Up to 10m)
3 x Radial Drilling
1 x Planning Machine
2 x Sawing Machine
3 x Bohrwerk Machine
4 x CNC Processing Centre


Lifting Equipment

2 x Mobile Winches 5T
2 x Forklift 5T
3 x Overhead Crane 10T



DNVGL & RMRS for construction of ships, welding of hull structures and pipelines


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