Represented in BENELUX & UK

Veracruz, Mexico 


A shipyard with more than 80 years of history.
TNG is a member of Hutchison Ports, world’s leading port investor, developer and operator.


Graving Docks

Dock 5 (269m x 36m)             Draught over 5.6m
Dock 2 (157m x 19.5m)          Draught over 5.3m


Crane Capacities

Gantry Cranes: 5T, 10T, 13T, 15.5T
Mobile Cranes: 20T, 30T, 40T, 50T, 90T


Repair Berth

L 235m, 2 Cranes (15T), Draught East 5.8m & West 8.23m
L 215m, 1 Crane (15T), Draught East 4.5m & West 5m
“Marginal” Central & East 70m, West 200m



  1. Repair Pier
  2. Outfitting Pier
  3. Marginal Dock
  4. Dry-Dock 5
  5. Dry-Dock 2
  6. Machining and Mechanical Shop
  7. Pipe Mill and Assembly Shop (Pipe roller line with capacity of 9000 M.T./year)
  8. Cutting and Forming Shop
  9. Treatment Line
  10. Warehouse
  11. Main office Building
  12. Clients office Building
  13. Health Center



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